Meet the team you’ll be working with.

A brief history of our gang

We started our friendship in early 2000 when we were teenagers. We build trust and admiration among ourselves when we turn twenty. We have been sparsely together since that time. We traveled in life in different directions and met when all were exhausted. We realized we should work together and bring good things from each other. Then ANGKART was born in late 2019.

Founders have different domain knowledge and different skill sets. We put our knowledge on the table and we found an awesome product. We are skillful enough to make the product into the business. Along with our core business, we decided to lend our IT knowledge. We started consultation work for small companies.


Director – IT

Started a career as a system service engineer, then became a software development entrepreneur. Switched career to technical training later became professor, Finally decided to pursue a life in software development and infrastructure management.

Dr. Nelson

Director – Operations

A Sportsman tried hardware servicing, later understood his hands can do better magic on 18m x 9m fields. Completed a Ph.D. in Physical Education and have a passion for computers. Never hesitate to shed sweat to complete the work.


Director – Customer Relationship

Computer Science engineer has more knowledge of resource management and wholesale business. Hardcore businessman with three-generation ancestral knowledge.


Director – Sales & Accounts

Doing business my entire life, doing a lot of consultations in the accounting sector. Have good knowledge of software design. Expert in deceiving business deals and making them work.

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