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Before a year asking for work is a big tug of war between the team lead and employee. Now whether you like it or not, it is reality, it will be there hereafter. It is really good for lots of companies because they can save a lot of money on infrastructure and maintenance. But some employees make it weird by not having enough tools and will to do it.

Work From Home

I list some of the essential elements everyone should have in-home to make a small office. Employees should have these to increase productivity and companies should sponsor these elements.

A working place is something which makes you work. It is a nice romance between you and your machine. If it is not as you like, you may lose the temperament to work. If you work well your career growth is assured. So make a place as you like

Essential Tools

Desk – Computer Table

A desk is very important, I saw many people using a cot as a working place. If you use a cot you may soon sleep there. Moreover, you place the laptop on your lap or pillow, this reduces the airflow to the device because almost all the fans blow out heat air through bottom vents. This reduces the performance of the system, your work time may extend due to slowness and you may go mad sometimes. You can get simple desks on amazon or Flipkart for a reasonable amount. 

Chair – Ergonomic chair 

An ergonomic chair is a very important tool, especially for people in their thirties. All health problems start with back pain.l if you continue to hurt your body for a fraction of money, you need to fix it with massive medical costs in the future. So a proper ergonomic chair is a must. Along with an apt desk, this could make your productivity more prosperous.  

Neck pillow

As I said earlier, most people have problems with back pain, similarly many suffer neck pain, this can be avoided with very low-cost tools. It is not for everyone, but those who enjoy luxury can go for it.

Comfort tools


Most professional laptops have 14” monitors, it is good for mobility and if you look at these 14” for 8 hours a day, your eyes will give up very soon, IT industry is only 25 years old. So many people don’t know the long-term effects so far. So be careful about your eyes. You can get good quality monitors for a 10K budget. For development, a 24” FHD monitor is a good choice.  You can add the monitor as your personal entertainer by just adding a device like a firestick. I listed 3 monitors from the low, mid, high ranges. You can choose according to your budget. Prices vary on Amazon every week.


Laptop keyboards are mostly good. But an external keyboard can make your life better. If you are going to use an external monitor for your laptop, then you can buy an additional keyboard. My choice has always been a mechanical keyboard. It gives the best feeling when you type. I listed my favorite 3 keyboards. Your mileage may vary but choose the keyboard based on your personal preference.


Unless you are using a Mac, get an external mouse. If you are using a laptop that always should have a wireless mouse, A mouse can be good for 2-3 years, so please change it at a regular interval. A faulty mouse is more painful than having no mouse. I use different types of mice every day for different devices, I listed the mouse I am using, you can get different options on the internet.

Foot rest

If your foot doesn’t touch the ground while you are sitting on the chair, get a footrest, when your foot is hanging, it starts to soar, then pain, then tiredness, and no productivity. It is not for everyone. But it is a luxury that can do good for your health.


One more important device everyone requires is headphones, to have a good quality zoom and meet the call, you should not rely on laptop speakers unless your device is Mac or a high-end laptop. I listed my favorite devices below. Sometimes even if you use good quality tools, noises are unavoidable. I use a software solution called Krisp to cancel noises in my speaker and microphone. This software is available for Mac and Windows. I am using the following earphones for long period.

Relax & work

If the company does not provide anything please buy these for you. Instead of spending more money on hospitals in 5 to 10 years, buying tools for you is a good investment. Health is important for your life and productivity is important for your career. So don’t compromise on both these things. Be alive to enjoy the money, Living is more important than saving.

Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

Photo by James McDonald on Unsplash

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